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    Queni Koi Combo 15

    Hello Anyone

    got a QK combo 15 ?

    if so do you know where the running water height should be ?

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    Assuming you are gravity fed, as a general rule with drums, they should be set at as low a height you can get away with without loosing water when the pumps go off. So the pond water level should be just below the top of the waste chute. The running level will be lower and will depend on the head loss caused by losses in the input pipe work and the speed of the pump.

    So if for example you are trying to run 15-20k ltrs through only one bottom drain connection to the drum, the running water height through the bio could be rather low and severely reduce its capacity, particularly when the drum is dirty and about to be flushed. The exact height in practice will be highly dependant on things like the power of the pump, the length of your bottom drain and other pipework and the number of 90deg bends etc.
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