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    Drum Amalgam UVC lamps

    Anyone found a site that sells these online?
    I need a replacement lamp for my AEM drum unit.

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    https://www.kingslynnkoi.com/product...u-drum-spares/ kings lynn koi list them.

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    I bought my replacement bulb from Coastal Koi (they. supplied my Amalgam unit which is 80w) Coastal Koi - Almagam Semi Submersible UV Light - Secure Online Shopping

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    A little off topic - had my UVC running with my drum for about 3 months now.
    Have no lights on my usage indicator - anyone else had this? Do they only light up when you reach the relevant 'milestone' of hours?

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    hi, i got mine from springbank koi they do spares.

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    Thanks all.
    Springbank is closest to me. Will pop over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toffee View Post
    Anyone found a site that sells these online?
    I need a replacement lamp for my AEM drum unit.
    Just as a price reference point - this is the replacement bulb I bought last year for 123 Euro - Koi Gartent Mueller is great online supplier - never failed me - had one warranty on Tornado II protein skimmer which arrived damaged - just send them photos and my claim - immediately replaced broken part free of charge and free shipping. Got from them also three Aquaforte DM Vario pumps at very good prices and many other koi supplies - google translator works very well on their website (in German I am not that good at myself) - so just in case if anyone may want to give them a try.... the bulb is made by / for Xclear - similar - just different color of the plastic around the pin connectors is available also from Aquaforte.


    Note - the bulb itself is most probably custom manufactured by Philips for Xclear ( both Dutch companies) - but I have not found the original Philips part number anywhere so probably available only from Xclear and their dealers.

    Good luck!
    You get what you pay for - or better - what you make yourself.

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