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    Setting up pump fed easy drum.

    Hi all,

    Has anyone got a pump fed easy drum and moving bed ad wouldn't mind sharing with me their set up as I'm a little unsure how to go about it.

    In particular interested in height of drum in regards to biochamber/water level in chamber.

    My chamber has inlet and outlets on the bottom so I was planning on setting the drum up so the waste chute was level with the top of the biochmaber and having a flexi elbow and pipe on the outlet to discharge at approx the level of the drum. Without this I imagine that my water will simply run through the bottom of the set up and out the other end.

    I hope this is explained with the attached paint sketch (art isn't my strong point). I will have a T piece in the connection between drum and biochamber to feed the pressure pump (isolated from T piece by a ball valve).


    Overall connection from drum to bio is planned as; drum outlet - flexi elbow - t piece (to serve pressure pump) - straight flexi connector - 110mm pressure pipe - flexi elbow - bio inlet


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    Looks about right.

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    agree looks good to me too

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