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    will that remove metals and crud or just chlorine and chloramine ?

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    Dechlorinator Units - Water Purifiers - Absolute Koi

    it's what I was advised to get

    Medium Cylinder: 40,000 Gallons treatment. For the safe removal of chlorine and other harmful chemicals in fresh tap water. Supplied complete with a 5 micron pre-filter. 20 Litre capacity (300 litres per hour) 39" high x 8" Diameter

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    yeah great for chlorine or chemicals, but no heavy metals removal....how important is that ?, im not sure tbh, id ask about before deciding.

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    Think I want more than just activated carbon. I'm quite happy to manually dechlorinate (as I've done this all my life and never had a problem) so would ideally like something that filters out other impurities and heavy metals.

    As for the nitrite problem.....

    The 15 litres of K1 in the bucket was consuming 30 ml of ammonia per day and there was no real need to keep the bucket going so I put it in the Nexus.

    Results were exactly the same as when I've previously added mature media - Nitrites dropped by 50% after 24 hours, then over the next few days they crept back to 2 ppm and have stayed there since.

    Isolating the section of pond with the cheap liner has made no difference. In fact the nitrite in that section is now reading very marginally lower than in the main pond but this is probably due to rain dilution. So I still have no idea what the cause is.

    Remaining options:

    1) Get on with setting up anoxic filtration using biocenosis baskets.
    2) Buy a pressure filter and fill it with mature media (not K1) and see if this solves it.
    3) Keep waiting.

    The nitrite problem has definitely impacted the growth of my Koi, but fortunately they all look reasonably happy and healthy and only tend to show symptoms when nitrites go beyond 2 ppm.

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    Maybe adding that matured media has done something....

    Nitrite has halved overnight from 2 ppm to 1 ppm. Interestingly the isolated section of pond has also come down from just under 2 ppm to just under 1 ppm.

    Conclusions so far are:

    - The extra mature media I added 6 days ago stalled for a few days (change of temps etc) and is now kicking in.
    - Isolating a section of the pond has somehow affected the systems balance.
    - The 2 inches of rain a couple of days back has done something.
    - This is just a fluke that will last a day or 2 then return back to "normal".

    Not checked KH yet, but other parameters have changed overnight too...

    - PH has been a solid 8.2 since day 1 and has never moved, but today it is between 8 and 8.1.
    - Nitrates which do vary a lot between 20 and 60 ppm tend to be in the 40ppm region, but today they are 80 ppm. ( I have had a single 80ppm reading once before in the middle of the summer).

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    Pond nitrite 0.5 ppm today. The lowest its been since 7th June.

    Being the pessimist the initial thought was the cycle had completely broken down, so I immediately checked ammonia levels, and there is a reading of 0.25 ppm, but the odd spike to this level isn't uncommon so I'll just monitor it for now.
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    what kind of media did you add. In your nexus or complete other filter?

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    As described throughout this thread, K1, except when I added mature alfagrog for a period of time.

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    Today's Nitrite = 0.25 ppm.

    Looks like 6 Months of hell might be finally over!

    Fingers crossed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RS2OOO View Post
    Today's Nitrite = 0.25 ppm.

    Looks like 6 Months of hell might be finally over!

    Fingers crossed.
    Lets hope so! Hopefully things consolidate further over the winter and next year you are free of all these issues.
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    Blue Eco 240 -> Large MB -> Waterfall -> Planted Anoxic pond (25 baskets)

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    Quote Originally Posted by pip895 View Post
    Lets hope so! Hopefully things consolidate further over the winter and next year you are free of all these issues.
    Come February I want to extend the Pond lol..... At least I know how to keep the bacteria alive in a bucket whilst work progresses!


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