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    Non return valves

    This may be a stupid question, but do non return valves reduce flow, and if so, is it significant?

    I'm thinking of fitting one to my veg filter as the water level is higher than my pond.


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    I was thinking the same thing but reading the information on the ones for sale on various sites I think some do and some don't. Or should that be they all do but some more than others. Worth a look on a few sites like Dankoi's, Coastal Koi or Absolute Koi.

    If you want a 1.5" valve you could use a 2" valve and use a couple of rubber boot reducers as I would think a lot of the restrictions is due to the reduced internal size of the valve due to the design of the non return workings so a size bigger may help to reduce the pressure losses if that makes sense?

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    The price difference between a 1.5" & a 2" isn't going to be massive but then there is the 2 reducers to add to the cost as well. The price difference between a 2" & a 3" or a 3" & a 4" is going to be more significant and may not be worth considering?

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    Well I've installed the valve and must say there certainly doesn't LOOK to be any loss of flow, but I'm pretty sure there will have been.

    But the important thing is it does exactly what I want, I can just turn the pump off and don't have to scramble about trying to turn the valve off as it's in a pain of a place.

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    Nice one Jason sounds like a job well done

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    It ended up being, but I bought a solvent weld one and was fitting it in a really tight spot and rushing, so pushed the fitting on and then realised I had the screw cap that joins the two halves in my hand. So then had to cut the pipe again and get a straight connector the next day.



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    Sounds like you have the same sort of luck I normally have lol

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    It's normally just me rushing, but some times its bad luck.

    Take the auto top up. As suggested by Andikoi, I moved it from my skimmer where it didn't work at all to the nexus inlet, where I got it set up perfectly, it worked like a dream.

    That was until mid way through Friday when I got a panicked call from my wife saying the pond was over flowing. I said to turn the water off to the auto top up, which she did and all was well.

    So when I got home I checked to see what was happening and alter the float level and it was all working fine, no need to alter.

    So what on earth. So until I get time to try suss it properly it's staying off while I'm not there, which defeats the point of auto top up.



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