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    Building SILENT Bakki Shower with Mninimized Heat Loss for Indoors and Oudoors

    Hi guys,

    Just ordered today online all the bits and pieces for what I hope will turn out as SILENT and heat loss resistant Bakki Shower you can hide away and insulate well in filter house not spoiling tranquility of your silent Koi pond - plan to build it over the upcoming weekend - so stay tuned if interested.

    Why - I just figured out, that I have about 80cm of FREE gravity water flow between the exit from my unplanted Anoxic filter

    Building an Anoxic Filter suitable for both indoors and outdoors

    and in the ground return to the pond pipework - so rather than just having water flow downhill in the HT waste pipe I figured - what the hell - why not build there a silent indoor Bakki shower - if all the pumping work has been already done?

    As Syd aka Manky Sanky very correctly put it - you cannot over filter your koi pond - so let's see how it will turn out!

    Psssst - hope my wife will not show up with her priority To Do list for the upcoming weekend first....


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    Hi Milaz,will be looking forward to this one plenty of pics please,have thought of doing one myself got one on the grow on but maybe on the pond now.

    Send your wife to the shops with a few quid that should keep her happy i know it works with mine.

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    Interested in how this goes...good luck with the project!

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    yeah mate very interested. nice one. lots of photos and step by step info. we own a cafe. i told our lass its her s. so that get s her out the way. as she works from 0630 until 1600
    hours. bliss i get the run of the house. pond garden. the lot. ha ha. the secret is. to get the occupied and interested, like john said shopping and work haha. only thing is. after 33 years i still can t work her out.

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    My shower is inside the filter house with twin 4" underwater returns to the pond. It is silent from outside and doesnt disturb the water surface in the pond. It does cause a fair bit of humidity in the filter house though. If you box it in restricting air flow around the trays then it wont work like a proper Bakki. However anoxic trickle showers are something that could potentially help get nitrates down, Was that what you are intending?

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    If you are making a shower, then the simplest method of quietening it down is using plastic containers, either bespoke or via suitable containers.

    There is absolutely no biological need for stainless showers, its just how Momotaro make them, and they do resonate far more than plastic!

    You can cover the shower as long as you leave some air vents, and it will quieten down a bit, but most cover or wrap them during winter months to stop heat loss, which is what they are renowned for. If covering the shower reduces the bio/nitrification a bit, it shouldn't really matter during winter with less food going in, and the bio will still at least be somewhat active, and still better than closing the shower down in winter as some do, due to the heat loss issue.

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    Mission Completed! Silent Bakki Shower suitable for both indoors and outdoors successfully finished and in operation.
    As Feline has correctly put it in her post, for proper function Bakki Shower needs plenty of air – hence the opened stacked classical design as very well described by Syd aka Manky Sanke on his very valuable web site is needed for best results – read here if interested:
    Good water guide: pt 17
    Who has plenty of space and does not mind the loudness and heat loss caused by the cascading water, the classical open design gives excellent bio-filtration and de-nitrification Bakki Shower filter unit – however it is not best suited for indoors – as Feline also pointed out – it causes quite high humidity in the filter house – leaving aside the loudness itself – if indoors it at least does not cool the pond water so much.
    So as I wrote, I have build it to fit between my unplanted anoxic filter – more here - Building an Anoxic Filter suitable for both indoors and outdoors - to utilize the 80 cm free water downflow of about 10.000 L/h from my AF down to in ground return pipe to the pond – as well as limited space between AF and Nexus 220 – about 35 cm in diameter – as it is inside, I needed also to eliminated the extra humidity as much as possible and make it as quiet as possible too. Because of the high water flow I could not build another trickle shower as Feline suggested – but needed Bakki Shower capable to handle the high flow.
    Construction – to be silent and easy to insulate it must be fully enclosed – at the same time to perform well as Bakki Shower it needs plenty of air – I resolved this conflict by forced ventilation – air pump with 4 individual hoses leading under each of the Bakki shower internal compartments – Pontec with 900 L/h air flow – consuming mere 12W of power – very quiet at the same time.
    Housing - I used the very same 105 cm tall and 32 cm in diameter PE water drainage pipe extension as I used already for my Denitrifying Trickle Shower Combo – more here - Building Denitrifying Trickle Tower Combo - it has 6 internal compartments to use for Bakki shower compartment support grid.
    Grid support – filter media grid support segments 30 x 15 cm – one per shower segment needed - with flowerpot tray with 28cm diameter to support each segment of denitrifying media – 10mm holes drilled in the tray to facilitate high water flow
    Media – denitrifying Ogata Crystal Bio media used – 30 L total – as it is very efficient and light weight on top of it – 10 L weighs only 1.6kg – so subtle grid support can be used.
    The Silent Bakki Shower ended us also very light – total weight just under 15kg – plus the fully enclosed design prevents any unwanted algae growth on the filter media extending the operation between cleanouts eventually needed. I feed it with water mechanically pre-filtered by AEM Easy Drum – followed by AF – so really clean water flows through it – suppose several years prior any cleanup might be needed.
    More details to follow in pdf documenting my construction.

    Here are at least couple pictures for time being as illustration:
    20171203_110243 - NExus - BS - AF - TS view.jpg20171201_142851- media support grid.jpg20171202_153332.jpg20171203_092227 -empty pot tray insde BS.jpg20171203_092849 - Ogata Crystal Bio media added.jpg20171203_093248 - filter media grid support for next level added.jpg20171203_095527 - high water flow.jpg20171203_101937 - finished BS - prior insulation1.jpg20171203_110225- insulated BS.jpg20171202_152939 - bottom plumbing.jpg

    Happy ponding!

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    As promised you can find more details about my SILENT Bakki Shower construction in the attached pdf file - a lot of pictures included.

    It turned out quite easy build - just needed to redo the media supports from pot trays as originally drilled 6 mm holes were not capable to handle the 10.0000 L/h water flow - so I needed to redo it with 10 mm holes instead - working well now.

    Luckily I also managed to do the things from my wife’s To Do list - well - enough to keep peace in the house and still being able to play around our koi pond…..

    So now after having it completed I am thinking about selling off my original Nexus 220 and replacing it with three more such Silent Bakki Showers in the Spring - for two reasons - for the cost of the Nexus I can build actually almost 8 such Silent Bakki showers - Nexus standing next to it is actually super loud in comparison - and the Shower filter – even if filled with the original K1 from the Nexus should deliver actually superior biological filtration to the moving bed inside Nexus – in combination with my denitrifying trickle towers combo already in operation should work fine – plus all the pumping work is already done up to the AEM Easy Drum filter – and gravity works from there back to pond return pipe – with 1m height difference available to fit in the extra shower filters. Footprint wise it will take 1/3 less space in my filter house than the Nexus so easier to move around there too. I guess nice project to work on designing during the upcoming long winter evenings…..

    Happy ponding!

    Attached Images Attached Images
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    Update after over two months in operation - water distributed nicely over the drip plate:
    20180211_water flow3.jpg

    Ogata Crystal Bio media seems to mature very well - pond water temperature has been kept at 12 dC till end of DEC supporting reasonable growth of the good bugs for about one month, than 8 dC for JAN - FEB which slowed it down - will bring it back to 12 dC again in MAR when feeding will restart too.
    Media after removing drip plate:

    Water clarity improved nicely as well - result of removing Nexus 220 and replacing it with DIY Bakki showers - I have thrown in few wheatgerm pellets today - first feeding after about one month - eaten in less than 5 minutes:

    This is how water clarity looked at the time of removal of original Nexus 220 (18/12/2017 - almost exactly two months ago) - quite noticeable water turbidity:
    20171218_132534 under water 3 nexus.jpg

    Seems it is evolving in the right direction now - looking forward to the Spring!
    You get what you pay for - or better - what you make yourself.

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