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Thread: Filter ideas

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    Filter ideas


    It's been a while since I was last on here.

    Looking for some advice or ideas on easy to maintain filter systems that aren't going to cost a fortune to buy or run.

    Looking at using an air lift if possible and making a filter using bioconesis (think that's the correct spelling) baskets instead of a vegetable filter as the last one I had had watercress in it and had to be cut back every couple of days or it would block and over flow.

    Thinking maybe use a sieve or vortex chambers in front of the bioconesis baskets.

    If I was to use multiple vortex chambers is it better to have them connected in parallel with each getting a slower flow through them or in series with a faster flow rate through them? I'm hoping parallel and series means the same in plumbing terms that it does in electrical terms.

    Not sure if it will be pumped or gravity due to height restrictions although a sieve will work better gravity fed than pump fed but could try to get a 200 micron screen for it if I have to pump feed it?

    At first I would like to have it running as a stand alone system on a small scale as a way of trying to reclaim the dirty water used from large filter cleans as we are now on a meter. Then if it works on that move it onto the main pond or maybe keep it as a quarantine set up?

    Any ideas would be appreciated.

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    Cheap but low maintenance, that's filter Nirvana isn't it?
    Please tell me when you reach the solution.

    A lot of people on here will recommend a drum filter for low maintenance. I don't think they're cheap but you might. I don't use one but I've seen the cost around 1k.

    I think my filter is pretty low maintenance and wasn't expensive (DIY) but it has shortcomings and I still get my hands wet each week.

    Using anoxic baskets for bio sounds good to tick both boxes. The maintenance of course is usually in the mechanical side. Both the vortex and sieve require manual purging/cleaning regularly but I think that's pretty straight forward and would fit many people's idea of low maintenance.

    I don't think a sieve will be fine enough to reclaim dirty water from flushing your other filters.
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    Yes as you say a drum filter but that's a bit out of my price range at the moment.

    I see your point about the sieve and I've also got a Tornado 2 protein skimmer that needs to be pump fed that is better at removing the fines but would require some very regular cleaning in this set up most likely.

    If the vortex chambers were in series with nothing in them and there was maybe 3, 4 or even more of them would they remove enough of the large to small particles so the protein skimmer could then remove the fines that are left?

    Might have to have more than one protein skimmer as I think the maximum flow rate they can handle is something like 3500 lpm?

    I was thinking along the lines of running the water through the vortex chambers a few times to clean it then through the bioconesis baskets via the protein skimmer or skimmers using a manual by pass system?

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    Sorry I think that flow rate should be lph not lpm

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    If an air lift is built with a Tee section at the top of the rise tube or on the outlet tube that acts as a foam fractionator so that would help remove the fines that the sieve or vortex chambers can't remove.

    If a vortex chamber was to be connected as a closed loop with a high lph pump and run for short periods would it work as a centrifuge for removing most of the solid waste or would it work better running all the time at it's designed lph rate?

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    If by closed loop you mean not connected to the pond, but just recycling the same small volume of water again and again, then I suppose it would remove the dirt from that small volume quite well.
    But in the meantime the pond is not getting any cleaner.

    If that's not what you mean, please elaborate.

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    Well it sort of is the idea.

    What I hope to do to start with is use the vortex chamber or chambers or the sieve to remove the solids from the water used to clean the filters on the main pond then once clear water is produced or achieved then run it through the anoxic filter to remove the ammonia, nitrite and nitrate so the reclaimed water can either go back into the main pond to replace what was used to clean the filters or be reused to clean the filters out again the next time they need cleaning.

    I realise that the first time it is used the main pond will have to be topped up with safe filtered tap water as there is nothing to replace it with at that time but after then if the system works out like I want I'll only have to top up a small amount of water instead of a large amount if that makes sense? When I get the system working to remove the solids and the ammonia etc. I would look into using it on the main pond if it was possible to upscale it or if not keep it as a possible quarantine tank.

    Not sure if the whole idea is possible or viable as it may be cheaper in the long run to go down the sieve and drum route.
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    I see.

    The hard part would be blasting the filters using the now-clean water stored in the vortex system while simultaneously catching the dirty water from the filters in that same system.

    How much water do you plan to change each week? A simple solution is to let the dirty filter wash water go to waste and top up with tap water. It uses more water but allows for new water to go into the pond.

    Even if you perfected your system and rarely had to open the tap, you would not be doing weekly water changes.
    These are important to dilute thing like hormones and pheremones, and replenish KH etc.

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    That's what I was thinking when I asked about it being a viable option as I knew removing the solids, fines, ammonia etc. etc. was probably going to be only half the issue and reusing cleaned water that has been through the filters before was going to have other issues that mechanical and biological filtration wouldn't be capable of removing as easy as I first thought.



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