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Thread: new sturgion

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    new sturgion

    hi i have been given a sturgeon approx 30 ins my be more he is a Siberian sturgeon and in very good condition as they appear to be nocturnal and i have read that they should be feed small amounts at regular intervals would it be best to feed it at night with a auto feeder .i have brought sturgeon food from koi division and it seems to like it and is feeding well any advice welcome .it is in with koi and grass carp

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    i have read where they should not be in a planted pond and mine is but as its a big fish it seems like it could get its self out of trouble if it went in to the plants

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    Hi Colin, how big is your pond? The sturgeon will get bigger, I have one that is now 4ft long and I just give him 2 handfuls of food a day, I think ideally they should be in a pond with no obstructions

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    he seb 1971 .my pond is 18ft x12 x4 .i have watched him for 2 weeks and he seems to be coping ok and as settled in well i have measured it and it is 3 ft long .i have brought some sturgeon food from koi division 3- 4 mm and it seems to be feeding well having read on forums how to feed them it seems that they are night feeders and small feeds are best for them .i was thinking of feeding it through the night on a auto feeder ,what amounts would you feed now its cold and at what time ie day or night would you feed . thanks for your time

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    hi colin, I feed 8mm pellets, one handful every other day through the winter and 2 handfuls when it warms up, if you look at " how are they" on this forum a few threads down you will see my pond and sturgeon,

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    hi your pond looks spot on .you say you only feed every other day .i have just been out to the pond now its dark and its on the move and taking any food i give it .it does not show any interest in food during the day .i find its a very interesting fish to have .

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    they require high protein food all year round, i feed them the same in winter as summer, if any thing a little more as the other fish would steal the food in winter when they were not being feed floating
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