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    Quote Originally Posted by keithatrax View Post
    You won't be disappointed
    i agree

    due to this post i have actualy testet the power consumption on the one i have for the quarantine tank, and it is spot on.

    this has been testet by using volt meter and amp meter calibrated by the danish technical university (DTU)

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    Although if u have an extra 1k lying around I would recommend a FF
    This would cost even less to run with a high turnover

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    well if you have a low head the blue eco doesnt realy use alot of power

    found this online a while ago, maybe it will help someone out
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frich View Post
    well if you have a low head the blue eco doesnt realy use alot of power

    found this online a while ago, maybe it will help someone out
    Neither would many others…..
    The feed to and from your chosen pump will also have a huge effect on performance

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    I have been reading this thread with interest (noticing that it is a few months old) regarding the Blue Eco line of pumps.

    I am in the planning stages of putting together the equipment list for a new pond and would like to have the option of controlling water flow over a three foot (1 meter) high waterfall. Pond size will be 6,000 gallon (23,000 liter). I have a concern about the noise level over waterfall and would like to consider a variable speed pump. If anyone has an opinion about how easy these pumps are to turn down the volume, please let me know.

    Specs on pond and equipment under consideration (haven't worked it all out yet):

    Two pumps running two water lines:
    Line #1: from skimmer to waterfall;
    Line #2: from bottom drain to pre-filter/bio-filter/UV filter/3 or 4 TPRs back to pond

    Pond size: 12feetx20feetx4.5feet deep, approx 6,000 gallons
    Ultima II pressurized bio tube media system (either the 6,000 or 10,000 model).
    Pre-filter (or vortex-type)?
    Helix Pond Skimmer
    Helix Moving Bed Waterfall Filter -- Large
    3" or 4" bottom drain with dome diffuser
    Air Pump
    UV filter
    3 Koi at the moment: (1) 14";(2) 8" -- Total of 40 fish, rest 3-5" goldfish

    Thanks for any ideas.


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    I was wondering if anyone has had luck installing the timer comes for the blue Eco pump. As per the instructions from Holland: Act code 3 and 4. Unfortunately I only have 1 & 2, which are the main activation codes.
    Any help would be much appreciated since I've tried calling Estrad but nobody answers the phone.

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    I've installed them and am deeply unhappy with the result.
    Are you stopping the pump before you go into the menu (that makes a lot of difference to what you can do)

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    Well, s it turns out, I finally got a hold of them yesterday and it seems that they were the wrong codes. Installed them and all working well. I'd have to say it's worth a shot to get the electricity bill down.

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    It seems that you no longer have to pay for the timer function and dry running protection, if you re-register your pump you will be given new unlock codes, this will enable the programming of the timer function and the dry running protection. Been running mine for two years no problems, running with the new codes for the last four months.

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    Do you think its from the posts on this forum that they are now giving it for free
    5000 Gallon Fibreglassed Pond With 54" x 27" Infinity Window
    BD300 Drum Filter
    Artesian 0.5hp - Aquadyne 4.4c Beadfilter - PS4 Protein Shower
    Badu Eco Touch - EP20 UV Sterilizer - ASHP - Venturi
    Hi Blo 60 - Medo 45 - Spindrifter Bottom Drain
    Wide Mouthed Skimmer

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    Possibly, but the warranty is now handled by Sibo, with a more variable pumps coming on the market they have had to up their game.

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    Brief update.
    It appears I was completely wrong to support Blue Eco.
    One of my pumps has failed and SIBO couldn’t be less interested.
    Might as well buy cheap next time.

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    How old is it John?
    Mines.been running for 1500 days now and no issues.

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