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    Photos of members ponds

    I'm sure this has been done at other times previously, but how about a thread for members to post recent photos of their ponds - and maybe just a few details.

    To get this started here is a photo of our rustic pond:

    Size: length 16 ft 6 in / width 9 ft 6 in / depth 7 ft 6 in
    Capacity: 4785 gallons 21492 litres

    Home designed 5 chamber multi-bay (still working well after 10 years)
    55 watt Kockney Koi UV filter
    4 chamber weir system with 2 waterfalls, returning approx 50% or less to the pond
    and 1 venturi returning 50% or more of water from pump through UV to pond

    Fish: 18 koi (15 Japanese 3 English / Israeli
    approx sizes: 1 x 20 cm 1 x 30 cm 10 x 40 cm 4 x 40 cm 2 x 60 cm

    Please note: Putting your photos on this thread is the main thing. Adding any details is completely optional. Let's hope we get to see lots of different ponds!

    All the best,


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    just to join in lol here is my puddle
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    This was my first pond I built when I started out with just goldfish
    Then I discovered the world of koi keeping and well the rest is history
    I ended up with this all the sizes ect are below in my signature I currently have 3 ochiba ranging from about 40cm down to 16cm
    A shiro utsuri around 20cm, a doitsu benigoi around 26cm a doitsu kujaku around 40cm
    another doitsu hariwake around 34cm, 2 chagoi around 10cm, 3 small orgon koi, 3 grass carp great for blanket weed munching and a handful of goldfish from my old pond

    And a few of the mutts

    And my sanke that I will be getting when the temps go back up in the spring

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    Quote Originally Posted by bryan08 View Post
    Hi Mark,
    hope you don't think I'm stealing your idea. I had not looked in this section to find your thread. I posted this one in "General Koi Carp Chat". It has since been moved to the right place by the Moderators and made a "Sticky". Amazing to see you got such a lot of response. I'll enjoy going through your thread.

    All the best,

    Hi bryan08
    thats ok no probs at all, lets just keep this thread to pictures of peoples ponds with no chit chat because i think its a pain when all you want to do is look at other peoples ponds and you get alot of chatting making the thread longer then needed.

    please can every body put details on there pond and filter system used.


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    Extreme Koi Member Rank = Yonsai JM350Z's Avatar
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    Here's mine


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    ImageUploadedByTapatalk1396052070.856006.jpgImageUploadedByTapatalk1396052097.428732.jpgImageUploadedByTapatalk1396052130.144344.jpgImageUploadedByTapatalk1396052148.268262.jpgImageUploadedByTapatalk1396052159.396989.jpg my first koi pond constructed by the invaluable experience and knowledge of members of sites such as this the internet is a fabulous vast invention don't you think? were else can you aquire help from a person 10,000 mls away!

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    ok my pond . in door 2.2 by 2.2 and 1.6 deep. filter is easy pod . home made moving bed with 60lt k1 ea 55 uv and oasis 8500 dry mount pump. air bottom drain. skimmer line 25w uv fishmate 3500 pump too 1000lt anoxic filter with 20 baskets.
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    Think im going to have to get saving to get my pond sorted and looking like a few of these lol

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    Just my avatar photo enlarged.

    Here's a "tour," from last year, I'll video another in June.

    "The information's out there,
    You only have to let it in." (Jesse Stone)

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    Here's mine.
    I'll try and get a picture a little closer next time

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    Here's mine. A bit tired now, over 10 years old

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    Lovely gardens you and your neighbours have
    1630 Gallon raised pond
    4" 'Avenue' bottom drain
    Estro sieve
    Econobead EB60 bead filter
    Sequence 18000 pump, 6000 pump on skimmer line
    Elecro 2kW in-line heater
    Evolution Aqua 70 air pump
    Standard wall skimmer
    TMC 55watt UV
    and some nice koi

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    Extreme Koi Member Rank = Yonsai d34n0's Avatar
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    Lol. The old fella next door pestering me into it. We have a bit of a lines in the lawn thing going on but I think he has the trophy in this pic. Amazes me though, he's 80 and puts me to shame with the gardening shifts.

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    You have a great looking pond

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    near woodford/loughton
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    Hi all
    Here are a few photos of my pond

    Attached Images Attached Images

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    very nice ponds and nice weather too
    5000 Gallon Fibreglassed Pond With 54" x 27" Infinity Window
    BD300 Drum Filter
    Artesian 0.5hp - Aquadyne 4.4c Beadfilter - PS4 Protein Shower
    Badu Eco Touch - EP20 UV Sterilizer - ASHP - Venturi
    Hi Blo 60 - Medo 45 - Spindrifter Bottom Drain
    Wide Mouthed Skimmer



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