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Thread: Nexus 220 leak

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    Nexus 220 leak

    Help needed .
    Noticed this leak yesterday , just wondered how to fix it without buying new centre piece , seems a rivet missing .
    Out chamber is getting pretty dirty .

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    Sorry, can’t see the problem?

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    I can't see the problem either but, if a missing rivet is causing a leak from the inner to the outer sections, could you not replace it or use a nut and bolt to pull the edges back together?

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    I can see it ... like Manky a short stainless nut & bolt is what I would use too by the looks of it ...

    Something like a really short one of these with a suitable thin nut be good: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Socket-Bu...KMECnyEsVBTbEg

    If the head is too small you can get a flatter flanged wider head version ... these domed bolts get far less things caught on them.

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    Thanks all
    not the best of pictures , there's a spurt of water coming from the bottom rivet into the centre reservoir , I assume this is going into the outer chamber hence the reason why is dirty .
    I'll have look on e-bay and see what I need ,. or maybe a nut and bolt .
    thanks for advise everyone.


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    If you can't rivet it, and don't have a nut and bolt, some other options are:

    1) Smear some silicon over it.
    2) Screw a stainless non-galvanised self tapper screw through it
    3) If budget prevents any of the above, stick a piece of chewing gum over it.
    4) If budget is really tight and chewing gum is out of the question, just leave it and eventually some dirt will block it up by itself.
    5) If budget is not an issue, pull the eazy section out, throw it in the bin and stick a Draco drum in there.

    In all honesty that small hole wont be making much difference as to the dirt in your outer chamber. I have my overflow tilted permanently and it lets a lot more unfiltered water through than that hole and I don't really get a worrying amount of dirt pass through.

    It is normal for the Nexus to allow fine sediment through, more so when they're new and this reduces as they mature and the K1 micro becomes "stickier".

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