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    Cutting map matting

    Cutting some map mat for the first time today.
    Tried everything conceivable from the tool collection,
    Knife, saw, tin shears etc.
    In the end a pair of scissors from the kitchen did it but not easily.

    Is there an easy solution or just battle through with the scissors?

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    angle grinder does it well ....especially with a thin disc ......or electric kitchen knife

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    yep i used an angle grinder years ago when i had some to cut up,a thin steel cutting disk worked well and even left the edges nice and neat as it melted them lol,,andi

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    Apologies that this is almost 6 months late, but I noticed the thread and thought it might be worth posting some vids I know of, on the topic, in case someone else needs the info for future reference:



    If anyone chooses to cut plastic matting (japmat) using an angle grinder, then please wear safety goggles, do the cutting outside, and seriously consider wearing a decent safety mask (3M make some excellent vapour-safe dust masks for approx 20+ (cheaper on eBay), such as 4251, 4255, and similar, which will protect you from the melted-plastic fumes emitted by the grinder blade). The thinner your grinder blade, the less fumes you are likely to create, so look for one approx. 1.2mm - 1.5mm thick
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