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Thread: Miltibay

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    Hi everyone I have had my pond for about 3 years now I ran it with a diy gravity fed filter built with a vortex and compartments with block rendered and sealed it's performed great but it's a nightmare to clean with only one drain
    I have noticed lately the water quality is deteriorating fast ie green from about a foot down I have 4 goldfish about 6 inches and 4 koi about the same which have only been in about 6 months
    The pond is 2600 gallons with a waterfall
    I have just bought a klk 12000v multibay filter which is all I am allowed to spend at the moment I intend to change the filter to brushes in the vortex and the 3 bays jap matting
    My problem is I have a submersible pump which I don't really want to change
    Is it possible to add a barrel or container after the multibay just to accommodate the pump with a bit of extra filtration on top or do i have to place it in the last chamber of the multibay the exit if the multibay is only 1and a half inches
    Thank you for your help

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    yeah no reason you cant do that, as long as you have big enough pipe work to get sufficient flow.



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