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    Tinkering with foam fractionator

    Hi Iíve just been tinkering because Iím bored and have knocked up the most ghetto foam fract. Ever using a 4 inch t, a 4-3 reducer a plastic bottle and duct tape and itís actually working 😁😁 is it better for the opening to be closer to the bottom or does it not matter ?

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    Nice work.

    Any chance of a photo or drawing? Could help others answer your question.

    Just built an airlift and was surprised how well it worked.

    DIY is good when it goes well and a good learning curve when it doesn't specially if you can work out why and put it right. I had about 5 attempts to get the airlift working better and better and I can still see other options to try when I next get time.

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    its ok, it all fell apart this morning



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