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Thread: Sleeper Height?

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    Sleeper Height?

    Does anyone have any thoughts on how high you can go with sleepers? I am in the planning stages for a new pond and due to good old Sussex flint and the problems digging down (spades and pick axes just bounce back at you when they hit the bits of flint) I was looking to only go 2 feet down and 4 feet above with sleepers. I want to achieve 6 feet depth and cant face having to get another digger in as I had to last time. Im also keen for any chance of moving house in the future i don't end up with a huge 6 foot hole that puts off potential buyers or causes me all kinds of headache to have to fill back in

    Despite looks on forums, I haven’t yet found anything that answers what kind of height you can safely do with sleepers if they are set on a concrete collar and well fixed through with rebar through each layer and big timber locks.
    Wondering if 4 feet high may need sleepers on their sides ie the wider part which would require a lot more of them and increase the cost a lot.

    Has anyone got any views on type of material such as pine, oak etc?

    Any thoughts / experience would be appreciated.


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    at 4ft high that's going to limit the viewing angle to look in and make any work like netting etc a pain in the bum unless you have a platform ladder.

    pine will be cheaper, oak will last a long time, but if not in the green is a real pain to drill through and will dull a bit in no time,

    can you get the volume going wider and have a slightly less dramatic wall of timber or rent a pneumatic tool or mini digger and get through the ground that way
    the slow pond build thread

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    mines 4ft high softwood but on their sides,i dont think i could of done it without really stressing by standing on edges,i spent £1500 on my 96 sleepers for mine,then a load of rebar and screws,,,,andi



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