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    Nexus 220 inlet valve

    Hi all,
    looking for recommendations for a valve for the inlet on a gravity fed Nexus 220.
    I was looking at gate/slide valves but have heard about problems with leaks, looked at ball valves but most seem to big to fit under the inlet of the filter. Looks like I will have to go for a slide/gate valve so any recommendations for reliable ones.

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    I use the 4 inch double union ball valve from coastal koi its about 80 but you cant go wrong with it.

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    I use slide valves never really had to much of problem with them.
    Since refitting out the filter bay they are on rubber boots so easy to swap or put new seals in.
    I haven't really got the room for ball valves either.

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    I'm using a slide vale, again due to lack of room for a ball valve.

    When I bought it from Koi Water Barn they actually recommended over the ball valve due to being much cheaper. They said they've never had any comebacks due to leaks.

    Fitted mine and it leaked slightly for a few days then stopped, and has never leaked since even though I open and close it regularly, every couple of days in summer.

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    I used slide valve , failed after 1 year , so now I just put a piece of 4 inch pipe down the inlet ,so don't use the slide gate anymore.



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