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    New 9000G pond setup advice

    My pond is roughly 6.1m long 3.1m wide 1.75m deep,

    I'm looking at either 2 or 3 bottom drains and one skimmer.

    Is 2 bottom drains enough ?

    I'm looking at having a 65000L combi drum then add a shower later if necessary.

    How much flow can I pull through 2 bottom drains running approximately 10m and 13m ?

    I was going to use 2 30000L aqua forte pumps to return the water, is 2' running roughly 18m and 10m, large enough pipe or should I go up to 3' ?
    (under water returns in pond)

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    I would go for 3 BDs and a skimmer you want to be able to turn the pond over in the hour if necessary. I would also go for a separate drum and bio so you can have a bigger bio chamber - perhaps look at a built in biochamber as part of the pond build.

    As a rule of thumb assume 12k ltrs/BD and 8 for a skimmer. You have 43k ltrs to turn over so 3*12 = 36 +8 = 44 which works. You could run with just two but you would find you ended up with big head losses, the pumps would have to work much harder and you would loose capacity in your bio chamber.
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    Thankyou for the advice, Iíve gone for 3 bottom drains and a wide mouth skimmer.

    The pond will now be 6.1 x 3.1 x 1.75 internationally as itís going to be block built now

    What thickness concrete base do people go for ?
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