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    Sleeper Pond Extension!

    Built my Sleeper Pond between Feb and April 2018. 7000 litres. The build thread is here:

    First Sleeper Pond Build

    The missus wasn't keen on a pond, and more so disliked the idea of me taking up too much garden, so I was restricted on size.

    Soon after the build, I bought her a Shiro and now she's decided the pond is too small and its not going to grow to its full potential. Permission for extension granted.

    Hoping to have the extension completed by the end of February. Its 10 days work, but the main build will be determined by a mild spell of weather when I can move the Koi to a shallow pool with minimal stress.

    Still keeping it as a sleeper pond (don't want anything too permanent as I doubt this is our forever home). New total size will be 4.7m x 2.4m x 1.2m.

    Items purchased so far:
    Sleepers and fixings
    Box Liner & underlay
    Temporary Pool and cover 2.6m x 1.7m x .65m
    New Pump
    Jebao 13,000 litre Pressure filter (for temporary pool)
    Sand / Cement
    Wood for shuttering

    Shopping list:
    MS Polymer Sealant (EPDM to EPDM for bottom drain)
    Tank Connectors (in case I break one removing old liner)
    Heavy Duty Flexi pipe (for temp pool filter)
    Powder coated 2" mesh to cover the extended part of the pond.
    Concrete cutting disc (to cut the concrete collar out at what is currently the end of the pond).

    Have put 2 days work in so far, 1 day putting shuttering together and a 2nd day hand mixing the cement for the new collar which is 10" deep in places due to sloping garden.

    Pond on completion of first build:


    Shuttering being assembled for extension (this is now completed and concrete poured):


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    Forecast is heavy rain all Weekend so unlikely to get more done.

    Managed to get home in daylight today so I removed all the bio-balls from the new Jebao Pressure filter and put them in the Nexus. Whilst unlikely to do much in current temps, the idea is to start maturing them to give the temporary pool filter a head start. Last thing I want to be doing is fighting parameters whilst doing the pond extension work.

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    have you finished it yet lol,andi

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    If we had 10 days of weather like today I'd have it done in no time!

    Skimmed over the concrete collar as it wasn't quite level in places and dug out half dozen more sacks of soil:


    Took cover off and threw in around 20 earthworms as I was digging and all got gobbled up.... well, most of them by the Shiro but a few others managed to get 1 or 2. Some Koi are scared of the worms and either don't attempt it, or violently shake their heads and spit them back out!




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