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Thread: New pond build

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    New pond build

    Hi i am currently in the process of building a new pond,my old pond was 8x8x4,my new pond is 13x7x6 ft deep,i was going to use a box liner,are they reliable or is fibreglass best,my last pond was fibreglassed but whem i emptied it there was a lot of pinholes on the base thanks.

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    depends if your never planning on altering again,

    painting mine was cheapest option g4 concrete paint, cheaper than liner and extremely tough finish.
    never used before, worked first time and no leaks,

    I avoided fiberglass due to costs.

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    Hi thanks for reply,i wonít be altering the pond again as i have no more room to expand,i was thinking of using a liner due to the weather not being great for fibreglassing

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    wont be till late spring before you can consider fibreglass, if you have a enough money sure go for box liner.

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    Iíd always say fibreglass. Yes itís expensive but then again itís a long term investment.

    My Fatherís pond was fibreglass and he had it done 25yrs ago - still going strong now.

    Iíve glassed my pond on this basis. Iím not increasing the size so I wanted it to last as long as I live here which will be a good 10yrs more.

    When you say you saw pin holes in the fibreglass when you emptied it unless you were losing water Iíd say they are merely imperfections in the flow coat / top layer nothing more.

    I had a few pin holes in mine when it was done. I was assured they were nothing to worry about but I sealed them with auto marine sealer just in case. Probably didnít need to but wanted to be 100%!

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