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    Happy New Year to all. Sure looking forward to completing the build in the Spring. Well thats the plan anyway, will start once winter is out of the way. I am pretty confident in doing the liner and bittom drain. Yes just a matter of plan ahead and not rushing with it. I am sure I will make last minute changes as I have done, looking to put a skimmer in while I can still can before the liner goes in.

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    Well guys, it's Spring! Time to get back to the build. Last week, I managed to put down the liner underlay and the rubber liner but didn't get to fit the flange to the bottom drain unfortunately, it started to rain, so had to hurriedly put the covers up. Will attempt it this weekend. One question regarding the Gold Label Pond liner sealant, it says on the instruction not to use below 10 c? Since the temp at night time is around 4 to 5 degrees, will this hamper the strength of the sealant to the liner? Really like to get this done asap and start on the filter pump plumbing work.




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    Bit of a strange way to do a first post by me, but hey ho...
    later next week it's forecast much better weather, and over 18c next weekend!

    Silicone doesn't cure well if it's too cold, and it would be at risk of freezing overnight.
    So I'd give it a few days...

    Nice looking pond by the way (insert thumbs up smiley)
    I've been quite intimidated by the sheer scale of most of the builds i've been looking at for inspiration on here,
    as i'm not minor royalty or richard branson lol!

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    Hi there thanks for your reply. And welcome to the form. Yes I realised the cold weather is not ideal to seal in the bottom drain so left it until warmer weather and good forecast for this Easter Weekend so will get crack on.

    I am a total beginner too and joined the forum to learn and get useful info and advice. My pond is only small and simple compared to some of the guys here and must admit I was reluctant to post a build diary here since its nothing special but thought it would be interesting for people thinking building a small simple block works design pond. I was going to build out of sleepers but after doing the costs it far cheaper to use blocks. It was tough though doing everything by hand and by myself and the misses. Back breaking digging and mixing cement mortar concrete. Anyway that was last summer and time for the rest of the build. As I said its tough but at the same very rewarding too. Cheers.

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    Good luck with the rest of the build

    Mine will have to be all dug by hand, and dragged through the house as i have no access.
    not looking forward to that...

    p.s. i see grass in this pic, grass = upgradeable space

    IMG_20180520_173853 - Copy.jpg
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    Thanks. All that grass will be paved once build is completed

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    Hi just a quick update to the build. The bd is sealed in now. Working on the filter bay section now and levelling the ground where the Eazypod will be placed. Because of the position of the 4" pipe coming up from the ground, direct connection of the pipe to Pod inlet won't be possible as I will have no room to connect the outlet to pond return pipe due to closeness to the wall of the pond. So will have 2 u bends fitted and then connect up to the Pod inlet.

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