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Thread: New pond build

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    The weather's certainly not been the best I'm fine with the manual work as it keeps me warm, it's the fiddly little things that I'm going to struggle with The short days don't help either. I came home early this evening to wrap the lintels in EPDM... it was dark within a few minutes so I had to do it by torch. Hope it doesn't look too crap in the daylight.

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    The liner arrived yesterday from FLP. Started to fit it this evening and the heavens opened. The way it's raining it'll be full by the morning

    Seems like a great fit, although the depth in one corner's not quite right so I'll need to dig out a little extra in that area. Entirely my fault, not FLP's, and sods law it's the one corner where a crease will be noticeable. I'm hoping for some clear weather tomorrow afternoon to get that sorted, the liner fitted and cut to fit around the two lintels. I've got some Firestone FormFlash arriving tomorrow to seal around the lintels rather than faffing around with adhesive. Never used it before, but it looks ideal for the job.

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    Looking good fatgus, good man for sharing all your hard work.

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    Cheers Bazza

    Came home early and finished off fitting the liner, returns and drains... thankfully the rain held off.


    Naturally, the FormFlash didn't arrive... still, if the weather's OK on the weekend I can get that sorted.

    One corner of the liner still isn't sitting right (top left in the photo). Might need to do some modification to eliminate any creases. If I don't do it I'll be kicking myself every time I look at that corner, which is basically every time I walk out onto the patio .

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    Looking good gus.

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    Nice break in the rain this afternoon, so had the chance do a little more work. Fixed the liner to the blocks... only using MSP but it'll stop the wind blowing it into the pond until I finish off the tiling.

    The FormFlash arrived yesterday, so I've sealed the joints between the lintels and the liner. The lintels will be mostly submerged, so they're wrapped in epdm. I've never used FormFlash before but I'm really impressed... time will tell, but it's hard to see it leaking.

    IMG_20181110_165535.jpg IMG_20181110_165455.jpg IMG_20181110_165630.jpg

    IMG_20181110_165429.jpg IMG_20181110_165654.jpg

    The forecast doesn't look great for the next couple of days so with that and other commitments I'm going to struggle to get much done before Thursday/Friday, which is a bit gutting. Next step is to build up walls on two sides, fit the waterfall and render the pond-side faces. A couple of days work if I can find the time

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    Made a mix of mortar to start the walls, then realised I should probably check my levels so the part tiles that will sit on top of the liner flange and under the wall will be at the correct height. Kind of difficult to explain... the pic of old pond below shows what I mean... the tiles sticking out of the wall under the waterfall, just above the water.


    So... I started to fit and level the tiles around the edge of the pond... made reasonable progress until I realised it was too dark to see the bubble on the level. I couldn't be bothered to set up the site light, so called it a night, came inside and cleaned myself up. Then realised I still had a mixer full of mortar. Back outside, emptied the mixer and slung the mortar into the skip. Took some photos and noticed that there's one lintel I'd never mortared in place (you can just see it on the right side of the second pic below). Back to the skip to recover a couple of trowels of mortar...

    IMG_20181111_170120.jpg IMG_20181111_170107.jpg

    When I look at these photos I realise what a godawful mess I've made of the garden A job for the spring, I think...

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    Hi Gus,

    looks like it’s coning together nicely. Can I ask how your tiles are laid, they look like there is a mounting on each corner and they are suspended? Is that so? Can I ask what that system is called and the reasons for choosing it?


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    You're absolutely right... they use a pedestal system. There are quite a few, but I chose Jouplast becase they're 'self levelling', there's a good range of heights and they're one of the less expensive. I bought most of them direct from France, but they're also available in the UK. They were roughly a fiver each.

    The main reason was convenience.... we had an existing patio that was pretty level and very sturdy but wanted to extend it into the garden and around behind our main bedroom (part of our extension... it's a bungalow). The total area was over 60m2. We also wanted to raise the patio to reduce the size of the step down from the house (we put a linear drain between patio and the building to avoid the need for the 150mm minimum stipulated by building regs). If we'd gone for a solid base, it would have needed somewhere in the region of 12m3 of hardcore/concrete and had a huge headache with levelling it all. That would have been painful enough, but due to the extension we have no decent access for anything larger than a barrow. Ironic that I've probably moved more than twice that, by barrow, thanks to the pond

    The risers are really easy to use once you get the hang of it and can be seated on gravel or hardcore, so no faffing with concrete. In retrospect I would probably go for a different make (Eterno Ivica) because they have a very handy key that allows you to adust the height without lifting the tiles. They're more expensive, but it would be quite a time saver. My only slight concern is that the void creates a nice habitat for vermin... no such problems yet, although we have a couple of nut trees and the squirrels seem to like hiding their stash under there

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    Looking good gus

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    Ta Fingers crossed for decent weather this coming weekend and I'll almost be finished with the construction side of things...

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