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    Hi forest Way, have a look on the ''for sale section'' Waterdog is selling some koi,
    he's at Newhaven, East Sussex. Maybe to far, but you never know .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Forest Way View Post
    Hi all, long time no post

    So nearly 5 months after breaking ground we have a few new tiddlers in the pond , what one of our local dealers calls suicide fish, but apart from a goldie getting sucked down the skimmer into the drum filter ( safely recovered) - so far so good.

    We fitted and flushed through the shower yesterday, and the flow through that is great, with that, the tangential pond returns and 3 aerated bottom drain itís all a bit much for the little fish which are just chilling by the windows which is perfect.

    We bought a beige tower filter, to match the grey concrete garage, but then recently decided to clad it so the tower looks a bit odd so I am going to build some matching cladding around it.

    The secondary pond will be for planting and Quarantine when valved off- or at least thatís the plan.

    We are going to try and wait a few weeks before adding more (expensive) fish inc a couple of Sturgeon, but if anyone knows of a pond closure or similar near the south coast, that would be a great way to get started, as Iím not looking for show winners, but we certainly have room for a few more.

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    Looks amazing, is that rainbow Indian sandstone paving?

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    Ponds looks really good. Well done

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    It's a lovely pond Forest, you must be pleased as punch

    Your fish look so tiny in there!

    I have a few fish I am needing to move on in the next 12 months or so, they are not very high quality though and I'm a bit of a drive from the south coast. But would not be looking to charge for them, if you were wanting some reasonably big free koi to start with.
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    Lovely pond, Iíll send everyone round to your gaff whoís been to mine and said ďwhy didnít you make that a swimming pool, itís massive!!Ē
    Iíve tried explaining that mine is quite modest and that really I wanted it twice the size and they look at me as though Iím mad.

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    Looks the buisness mate. Really nice. I am over the moon for you mate.
    A lot would have given the rebuild a swerve. And give up.
    Respect to you.
    So now enjoy it.
    Keep an eye on the parameters.
    All the best in fish keeping

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    Cheers All,
    Yes Skoosh its Rainbow sandstone, and looks even better when its wet.
    Cladding around the shower, some downlights on the back wall cladding, and some planting in the veg pond and we will be done...ish
    On the subject of plating though I guess most water plants die off to some extent in the winter ? so is it worth planting this up now and if so does anyone have any recommendations ?

    Feline many thanks for the offer, I am sure I will be posting regularly and we can stay updated, but if my regular impulsive nature wins through my next post is likely to be about issues with overstocking ;@)...resist..resist.

    We will take our first set of reading tonight , I guess test regularity depends on feeding and stocking rates, for now would once a week be OK ?

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    Hi All,
    Well we have been water testing regularly, and no dramas so far but the alge growing on the bottom and sides is getting quite long now and although we quite like the way it sways in the current I fear it could 6” long by the end of the spring.
    Is this anything at all to be concerned about ?
    I have seen water change qty expressed as a % of volume per day /week but I assume that rule of thumb changes significantly with pond volume and stocking levels, we have a large pond (closer to 50000lts inc filters) and very low stocking levels at the moment, is there a relatively simple way to calculate the amount of water we should be changing, we have an auto top up with an in-line water meter so can see how much is going in and therefore going out.
    So far we have been letting the drum filter do it’s own thing, but maybe we should raise the foat switch to get a more regular clean cycle and flush out more pond water per day, lower the nitrate and slow the grass growing..maybe...... welcome your opinions
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    I think that blanket weed looks very happy! It could really kick of when the warmer weather arrives - never mind 6" you could have several feet! I would treat it sooner rather than later - it blocks filters up something horrible if you let it get out of hand. What is your nitrate level? - is that an anoxic pond the shower discharges into? The theory is that anoxic ponds should reduce the need for water changes but the rule of thumb is minimum 10% /week. Some tap water supplies have high nitrate so water changes don't always help controlling blanket weed. I use 50% dose of CBA and I usually only have to dose once but it does need temp above 10 deg not sure if any of the others work at lower temps.
    6000g in ground koi pond
    +3000g lily/Anoxic pond attached
    29 koi (40 to 65cm)
    Bottom drain, Mid water & Skimmer to Drum
    JBR boichamber->Blue eco 500 pump ->below surface return.
    Blue Eco 240 -> Large MB -> Waterfall -> Planted Anoxic pond (25 baskets)

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    Pond looks great - get some Aqua Source - Resolve, Blanket Weed Treatment in there, and monitor the drum closely for a period of time thereafter.

    Dead easy to use, just sprinkle around the edge - i've used it the past two years, and it works wonders.

    I don't even treat the entire volume of water, do a half dose and observe, if more is required - add it.

    Be ready in the spring with more, as you'll need it !
    Its a hole in the ground where I throw my money!

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    Pond looks awesome. You've done a brilliant job with that!!

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    Cracking build well done ,


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