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Thread: Treating Timber

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    Treating Timber

    Hi All,

    Over the weekend I thought it will be a good idea to take off the scaffold board pond capping and re-treat with Yacht Varnish as they certainly need a re-coat. I have encountered a problem where the sleepers being oak there is no chance of getting the screws out without snapping screws or destroying heads (Yes I am using a impact drill). Thus removing the capping will be a large job, especially as I was a little overzealous with the screws originally.

    So the question has anyone varnished the cappings whilst still on pond? If so were there any issues? I would make every effort to ensure none drips in pond but the in the event it does will it be catastrophic.


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    We or rather the mr will be painting our pergola. I've told him to use an old brolly held upside down under the area he is painting to catch any drips.

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    A roll of dust sheet from wilkos......

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    If you manage to get them off why not change them to oak (like your sleepers) so you can forget about varnish or preservatives because they will last a lifetime without.

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    Yeah, hindsight is a wonderful thing. I could get the boards off and replace with oak but that will be a years time. I may leave the timbers for a year till the rot out and remove and replace with oak.




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