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    my edging stones on the top and sides have been glued in place with a tile glue (here we can get one for external use) and they are holding perfectly.

    it only takes a millimeter or 2 of glue, so you could just glue them back on with that.

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    Blimey, what a transformation! Looks excellent, must be chuffed. Cheers

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    Your dog looks just as impressed as us Pointy..... well done you, be proud of yourself, it looks lovely

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    Looks superb Les. A lot of effort but looks brilliant, well done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pointy View Post
    I did finally manage to get the camera out this week, between the rain, so it's time for some updates.

    I actually started working back in the garden a couple of months ago now, it started off with me having to repair the broken wooden front gate, which had blown shut over the winter and split. I managed to glue and screw it back together, completely sanded it down and then filled and stained it. It felt good to do something productive for a change. This led me to look at the mess in the front, which still had 3 x 8' x 4' boards, full of rubbish from 4 years ago and a jungle of weeds in the borders. So with renewed enthusiasm I worked my way around around the front border, digging them over and putting down weed membrane, chippings and some new plants. This led to the back/side passage which had only been partially slabbed, it looked like this in the beginning ...

    Pointys Murky Puddle Upgrade-trench1-jpg

    I finally finished the slabs and gave the fence panels a coat of ducksback and now it looks like this. (it's nice to be able to walk out to the back garden with bare feet)

    Attachment 28256

    The next job was to tackle the sump and water butts. So on a hot sunny day I geared up with a heat gun and various knives/saws and commenced battle with the dreaded buried water butt. After a fierce battle that latest a couple of hours, he lay slain in pieces in the garden...

    Attachment 28257

    The sump was then painted with some A1 pond paint and the flexible pipe replaced with solid waste. The bilge pump that fills the water butts (which you can't quite see in the following picture) is cable tied to the bottom of the pipe leading too the sump pump. This means that by undoing the flexible connection at the top, I can lift the whole lot out in one go for cleaning/maintenance.

    Attachment 28258

    The water butts were then relocated to the other side of the small tool shed. The flexible hose and float switch wires were fed inside some 40mm waste pipe to keep them safe. The old smaller Nexus waste ball valve just happened to screw into the tap connection on the water butt, which means I can now fill a watering can much faster than the original tap's pee speed.

    Attachment 28259Attachment 28260

    To finish off this corner of the garden, the fence panels were painted and the tool shed was revamped, which went from being a quick paint job to taking the whole roof off and adding some cross supports due to excess sagging

    Attachment 28261

    While digging though the rubbish out front, I found half a dozen 3.6m lengths of shiplap, left over from the pond, which I duly converted into a storage box for the patio furniture cushions.

    Attachment 28262

    I have also done various other bit and bobs not shown above. All fence panels have been painted, both decks have been sanded and re-stained, in fact the smaller one I completely relaid as I wasn't happy with the spacing. The filter house finally has a roof, but I need to finish off some bits before I reveal it. I rebuilt the Evo 55 and saw the bottom drain in the pond this week for the first time in a year or more.

    As if I didn't have enough to do, I have also noticed another problem. Virtually all of my edging stones, that finish off the upper pond level, have come loose. They were laid on a normal bed of mortar but I wonder if a sharp sand mix would be better? Is there something I can add to the mix to make them stick better?
    Looking puker that Pointy, you living in south wales, got a wack of work for a man with you skills

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    Looks very good pointy. I am well impressed. Love the dog.
    Great job mate

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