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    Whatís this beauty called ?


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    Ok Nik the old fashioned way of copy and paste doesn’t work thicko!!!

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    hi , im the same as you cant do it so i gave up.

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    last name is belle,first name is invisi, invisi belle haha,go to page its on and copy from address at top of page,andi

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    It’s worked I’ve actually added a photo. Wooohhhhh

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    Finally, I’ve been waiting to see this fish for a week..I’d call it photoshop, haha. I’ve never seen anything like that, is it real?

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    That’s what I’m wondering , I’ve seen some awesome colours before but you never know what someone’s got in there private collection

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    Flipping heck the more I look at it the more I think photoshopped kohaku lol

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    Thatís exactly what it is. Photoshopped kohaku. The bowl would be blue.

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    God damn you photoshop my minute brain can’t take it. Ha ha

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    ha ha that would be amazing if it was real

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    Going to try find some more crazy colours

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    Another photoshop ay !

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    I don't think that's a Kohaku.

    Its a Ki Utsuri.

    The white bits should be black and the blue bits should be the colour of the bowl and the colour of the bowl should be the blue bits!

    I reckon it's not photoshopped, its had its colours inverted in MS Paint!

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