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Thread: Cream koi

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    Cream koi

    i think I have a cream orgon koi could someone please give me some info on if its rare or not its about 16 inches long. any help appreciated

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    Hi would help if you could post a picture


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    Here is one picture
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    Did you steal it?

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    No bought it off a friend

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    Cream koi

    Its not the best pic but looks like a plain white koi to me which is a shiro muji they can look peachy in colour. I did reply to your other thread also so wont repeat myself.

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    Its always a work in progress

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    Quote Originally Posted by AdamKoi78 View Post
    Did you steal it?

    rflmao ....bit cynical

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rcable05 View Post
    i think I have a cream orgon koi could someone please give me some info on if its rare or not its about 16 inches long. any help appreciated
    unfortunately its neither rare nor special, you might get 30-40 quid for it on ebay .

    Trouble is its a complete unknown and its just a garden centre fish, most folk who are a little more experienced wouldn't introduce such a fish in to their pond even if it was free, because of what it might be carrying.
    That's no reflection on you by the way, but fact is most fish will be carrying something, that could well flare up, when the fish is stressed by moving it, and then the new owner will probably find himself 2 months later, treating the whole pond for a parasite, not to mention treating damaged or injured fish caused by flashing, and on any decent sized pond the cost to treat for parasites, will be higher than that fish is worth. Hence more experienced hobbyists are very particular about what they will add to their pond, they will often require strict quarantine procedures before they will purchase.

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