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Thread: Id please

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    Id please

    I have a few koi and goldfish in my pond. They seem to have spawned and now have around 20-30 small fish. I was just wondering if they were carp of goldfish?

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    Koi have barbels goldfish don't ,i can't see whether they do or not from the pictures.

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    My goldfish have spawned and Iíve always grew a few out and these donít look like goldfish fry to me

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    I thought that Goldfish are also Carp just a different variation?

    The Goldfish fry we had in the past were black and took a year or so to start to change colour.

    You may have some cross breeds or similar there lol

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    both are a type of carp, so depending on who provided the genetic material you have either goodies, koi or hybrids, they look more koi like though at the moment compared to normal goldfish fry
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    Agree with Bowsaw.

    Been a while since I last bred singletail goldfish, but what you have look more Koi than Goldfish, but they could be hybrids. Check if they have barbs.

    Not sure about with Koi, but Goldfish normally go from brown to black before going Gold, and when they start turning gold it is from the bottom up. How did your "gold" one change colour?

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    I cant make a call from the pics but the fact they are all single colour would I think suggest most likely goldfish.



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