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    What are these two?

    Got these as fry and now theyíre a fair bit bigger Iím curious as to what they are Iíve been growing them on in the tank and will go in the pond next year
    First one- it had a few small orange patches when it was really small but is now completely white? I thought it was a Doitsu hariwake but now Iím think Kohaku with no red?
    Second one- I was sure this was going to be a Sanke but has no orange on it


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    this is the first one when I thought it was hariwake

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    What are these two

    Updated on this two kujaku. This two very brave koi, 1st time put into the pond already fighting for food with the bigger koi. Most of the tosai I put into the pond, they will take from one week to few months before they come out to fight for food during feeding time. Kujaku-#2-49cm-web.jpgKujaku-#1-45cm-web.jpg

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    Looks like the white one is a Shiro Muji and the other is Shiro Utsuri. both come from Shiru pairing.

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