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    New security needed

    Hi all here is my pond that i currently have to net since losing 2 koi last year to a heron. It is a nightmare to put on and off and does not look too good. So i am thinking of using bamboo canes around the edge and using fishing line between them as a fence?
    How high would you suggest? And how far to space the line?
    As i understand he must land on the side and nab them, they don't swoop down and catch them?

    Thanks for the help

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    Land on the side and will enter the pond, they don’t just stand on the side. Where the three planters are looks an ideal landing point. Ornaments on the walls would be worth a go, they can’t walk around unhindered. A CD hanging on a bit of fishing line works for me, they don’t like the glint as it catches the light.

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    Yes i was going to put it at the water edge along the back aswell where them planters are (filters are under there) i know the net is best it is just such an effort to take it off and on so ofter the clean. Planters around the edge seams a good idea aswell. Never thought of a CD worth hanging one up aswell good idea

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    i like my method, metal poles with a bend in so they go up 30 cm bend at 30 degrees then another 30cm four strands of wire (special wire) and a few wires criss crossing the pond from pole tops.
    Next connect said special wire to my electric fence 2.3 joule 10,000v energiser
    the heron only touches it once or twice before learning not too



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