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    Floating hexagonal pond covers

    Has anyone got or used the floating plastic guards that clip together and can be cut to suit.
    From what I see just need to cover the perimeter edge around the pond.
    Do they work, or are they a waste of time/ money?

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    I considered them, and in the end went for an 'invisible' net.
    The reason i didn't go with them, is that they will not allow the skimmer to work if you have one? I do, so hence my decision.
    If you dont have a skimmer, it maybe worthwhile.

    I have a slightly raised pond so threaded re-bar through the net to keep it taught, sprayed the re-bar with plasticote (black) looks great.
    You can hardly see the net.

    A lot to be said for the piece of mind - otherwise your constantly looking in the sky for the dreaded Heron!
    Its a hole in the ground where I throw my money!

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    You made the right colour decision in black I thought I'd be clever and go green but it doesn't work, will be going black later this year.

    I made a frame out of 25mm black PVC electrical conduit a cross box and some tees and it works a treat, apart from the green net that is lol

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    my neighbour had them on his ground level pond,they didnt last long as they kept seperating and floating off,also said that leaves and things would land on them and it looked unsightly,he went for a net in the end suspended by garden canes,or you could build a pergola,,,andi

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    Quote Originally Posted by andikoi View Post
    he went for a net in the end suspended by garden canes,,andi
    Depends on how big or wide the pond is to if the canes will span the gap?

    25mm PVC conduit comes in 3m lengths and if you have it bowed upwards a little bit it will have extra strength and not sag down onto the surface or under the surface. You'll need to make a complete frame and fix it down to allow the pipe to bow upwards as it goes over the pond.

    Basically you make a square or rectangular frame that will sit flat on the edge of your pond and then add the cross pieces. I think mine lifts about 4 to 6" as it goes across my pond and can take a reasonable amount of weight too, I can reach over and lean on the middle of the pipe and it doesn't move - probably only risk putting 3 or 4 stone of weight on it? Never really thought about checking what it could actually take as I don't fancy going for a swim in the pond One of my cats walk across it and it doesn't move but then the cat only weighs just over 4 kg. As mine is round it is easier to make the centre bow upwards but with a square or rectangular frame you will need to fix the frame down to get the middle to bow or it will just push the sides out and go flat.

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    Seems to be best option is keep the net.
    At the moment the net is just held in place with bricks on top, that's a pain, do need to get something more easily movable and rigid.
    That's another job on the ever growing list.

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    Definitely not the prettiest cover solution, nor the cheapest, but I went for stainless steel 2" mesh powder coated in black.

    The sections slot into each other so you can pull half off towards you, then fit hinges to the back half (and possibly gas struts) so it lifts 90 degrees.


    Might not be for everyone but my priority is protecting the Koi from predators and thieves (as I padlock mine down when going away). As you can see in pics I've just extended pond so waiting for delivery of another couple of panels.

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    I have a version of them - mine are rounded. they form part of my heron defenses. Basically stop the gray beast pecking at the koi - koi are too big to be lifted now.

    I have them round a skimmer to - I just tie them to the lower rung of the skimmer guard which means they are below the water surface by the skimmer. No way am I putting a net over the pond!
    6000g in ground koi pond
    +3000g lily/Anoxic pond attached
    29 koi (40 to 65cm)
    Bottom drain, Mid water & Skimmer to Drum
    JBR boichamber->Blue eco 500 pump ->below surface return.
    Blue Eco 240 -> Large MB -> Waterfall -> Planted Anoxic pond (25 baskets)

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