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    Deterring Herons

    At the moment,we have lightweight nets on our pond with a frame of 40mm plastic water pipe,light & easy to move but they are a bit unsightly.We do have Herons around our way but we wre wondering if a pergola would deter these pests.Any advice would be appreciated.


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    Pergolas do help, although if particular herons already know there is a pond there it might not stop them. It depends how you design your pergola really.

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    It may sound silly, but I've been hanging an old CD on a bit of fishing line on the edge of the pond for three years now after getting regular visitors, only seen one since, that was two years ago when the line broke an the CD went for a bath takes a mere slightest of a breeze to make it move, and catch the light.


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    I am having success with floating pond rings which are much less unsightly than covering the pond with mesh.
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    I wasn't able to keep fish for years because every time I tried the heron would come and eat all of them! The only thing that stopped the heron in the end was a chance morning encounter with my new dogs as soon as they met the heron left and has never come back!

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    I just went for the unsightly method.

    Powder coated steel mesh panels that slot into each other and can be padlocked down. Not got round to it yet but I intend on putting hinges and gas struts on the fence side so that half lifts up against the fence like your car boot lid.

    It deters Herons, Cats, Thieves, and the fish can't jump out!


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    it always surprises me when people put the fake ones stood up against the pond as a deterrent,surely one laid down with its head chopped off and some fake blood over it would work better,not a case then of heron saying oh is that bob down there,more a case of oh crap we better keep away from that one lol,andi



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