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    Evolution aqua bio chamber filter system k1 micro

    EA bio filters , these were designed for commercial koi filtration use.
    made from 316l marine grade stainless steel are designed to last forever
    very heavy require 2 to lift . smallest drum meaures approx. 90cm dia x 3ft high
    largest drum is nearly 110cm dia x 3ft high.
    they sit on adjustable stands with approx. 50mm height adjustment.

    first chamber houses a evolution aqua answer 410 , with a 250w 9500 litre EA pump, SADLY the pump is no longer working
    I have 2 of these filter systems so one is for sale, I have easily converted the answer to run on a superfish 10000 eco rc pump all I required was an 90 degree 2" flex hose .
    works a treat and uses almost no energy at just 15w.
    mesh is 100 micron so prevents all the muck going through to bio .

    second chamber moving bed bio houses approx. 120 litres of EA micro K1 media
    and aerated bottom air line to oxygenate the media

    I do have a matching air pump EA 95 AIR pump that I may sell if a price is agreed.
    no pipe work with filters , size is 3.5" inlets and outlets .

    can be used with small to large ponds somewhere upto 8000 gallons depending on stocking levels.

    pictures are of the set now running my pond, other set is identical and in same condition

    buyer to collect , van needed .. I will help with loading.

    £500 ono

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    no longer comes with a complete 410 answer , ive used the parts to make a higher sieve with 74 micron mesh which now handles 20.000 ltrs compared to 13,000 ltrs max the 410 answer used to handle and only consuming 30w with a superfish ec rc 10,000ltr pump on setting 4. on remote

    makes a good alternative to a drum filter.

    anyone interested £350 for both units with K1 Micro will consider splitting.

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