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Thread: pond closure

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    pond closure

    apologies guys.....im in 2 minds, dont mean to mess anybody about

    Thank you

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    Moderator Rank = Supreme Champion Feline's Avatar
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    Oh no! Why?

    I would be very interested in your Aqua Forte pump.
    Sorry have no room for more fish right now. You have some lovely stock.

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    Hi Familyman
    Can I have 2nd dibs on the Aqua Forte pump please?

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    I'd also like to register my interest in the Evo 55w UV please. Cheers

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    What make are the air pumps buddy?

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    Where abouts are you?

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    As Feline said - Oh No! - really sorry to see you selling up!

    Would you be prepared to send out the Duratech via Shiply/Any Van (arranged by me?) - you are too far for me to come to collect unfortunately - does it run of a standard 13a plug? How old is it? Totally understand timescale -after fish - no urgency.
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    6000g in ground koi pond
    +3000g lily/Anoxic pond attached
    29 koi (40 to 65cm)
    Bottom drain, Mid water & Skimmer to Drum
    JBR boichamber->Blue eco 500 pump ->below surface return.
    Blue Eco 240 -> Large MB -> Waterfall -> Planted Anoxic pond (25 baskets)

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    This has come as a big shock as i would have thought you would have been the last to close down.
    What ever your reasons David i wish you the best in your future and good luck with your sale.

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    second what john has quoted david sorry to see you finish . best of luck with the sale and sorry to see you finish

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    would have loved to grow on a cpl of the Karashigoi but your a bit too far, sorry mate, hope all is well

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    drum and bio chamber pics here ……..

    Out with the old, in with the new.

    p.s yeah heat pump just plugs in, it only draws 1.2 kw, 3 years old iirc.

    Thanks Everyone

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    Have another think about it David don't sell anything yet till you are double sure. You will miss it once its gone like I do. Especially come spring. I'm sure everyone will understand.

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    David, sad to read this, it seems one by one some long term Koi keepers are jacking it in...I guess you have made the decision that’s right for you..wish you all the best in the sale of your Koi and gear..

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    Hi David. Sorry to hear this. I would be interested in shower if still available. Please could you advise what size it is and outlet type.

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    will do Ian.

    Ive edited the drum filter price, I hadn't written it correctly, it didnt cost 1700, as anybody who looks on quenis kois web site will see, they are listed at 2,400 and something. So 1700 is what im asking for it, not what it cost.

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    Good luck David - we will miss you here!
    You get what you pay for - or better - what you make yourself.

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    David Wow

    Sorry to hear this pal as some guys have already said why not take a bit of time out !




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