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Thread: Microscope help

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    Not sure if this will show up.
    Not that straight forward loading pictures on here.

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    Thanks mate

    It looks like a nice chart but when I zoom in I canít read the writing.

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    Iíve now lost 3 fish out of 11

    I scraped the most recent 2 dead fish and Iím as sure as I can be that I found Chilondella and I think there was some Costia floating around as well

    I scraped 3 live fish tonight and found flukes (skin and gill) on 2 fish but no Chilondella

    I treated the pond again tonight with a 3rd course of FMG 75ml of Malachite and 90ml of formaldehyde in my 12,000L pond

    Is there anything else that I should do?

    What is the best fluke treatment?

    The more I learn the more I realise how little I knew!

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