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Thread: Poorly fish

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    Poorly fish

    I have an old gold fish that's clearly very sick. It's the best part of twenty five years old,
    Is there a way I can put it to sleep painlessly. I thought of using a priest but cannot bring myself to use it.

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    Oil of cloves works with koi so I used it on a very ill goldfish we had, it did the job. I forget how much I used but if you do a search on here it should come up with an answer for you

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    Hi you could buy some koi sedative which you can buy online & give it an overdose which would be the most humane way I think.

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    Clove oil is generally available over the counter at pharmacies- you might need to ask for it as it's not such a commonly used thing these days (your granny might have used it for tooth ache).
    Just tip half the bottle into a small bowl with the fish and leave for several hours until all the mucus has shed and it's definitely gone.

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    Sorry about the fish

    clove oil - Holland & Baratt usually have it

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    Iíd use koi sedate, Kusuri maszusai overdose. I donít trust clove oil. Used it once and it didnít do anything but stress the fish out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by voodoo_15_uk View Post
    I’d use koi sedate, Kusuri maszusai overdose. I don’t trust clove oil. Used it once and it didn’t do anything but stress the fish out.

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    I had similar experience with Clove Oil.

    The fish was more lively in the clove oil than it had been in the tank for Months. Took that as an indication it was not a comfortable death. I used half a bottle and after 20 minutes poured the rest of the bottle in and it still took around 35 minutes.

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    When using cloves oil you have to add it to warm to hot water first in a bottol first. Give it a good five minute shake
    Then add it to the bowl

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