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    Help.....lost 4 fish in 1 month

    No idea what is going on.......I have lost 4 already at different times and others just showed signed of red patches over body.


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    What are your water parameters like? PH, Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate etc?

    Looks like an ulcer or, possibly ammonia/nitrite/bacterial issues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ^Dylan View Post
    What are your water parameters like? PH, Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate etc?

    Looks like an ulcer or, possibly ammonia/nitrite/bacterial issues.
    Ph 8.0
    Ammonia 0.1
    Nitrite 0
    Nitrate 0.1
    Alkalinity 107ppm
    General Hardness 195ppm

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    Blimey, that looks horrendous where are you located ? maybe someone on here lives close and
    could come and have a look and point you in the right direction. To be quite honest, that looks
    worse than an ulcer to me, but then again I am no expert. Good luck with it, and someone will
    be along soon with better advice.

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    I've not seen anything like that before Needz. Have all 4 that you've lost ended up looking like that?

    Do you have a microscope and are you able to do any scrapes? If you do and you can, here's a bunch of parasite videos so you know what you're looking for - Parasite Videos I caveat that with the fact that I don't know if any of those parasites can cause that kind of damage.

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    If you're not set up to do scrapes yourself then you could call in a man who can LB Aquatics Consultants - Healthy Fish. Healthy Ponds.

    In the meantime you could consider salt to aid healing possibly?
    With ulcers topical treatment then salt and chloramine T in a heated quarantine tank would be my tool of choice. The problem with salting the whole pond is it takes ages to get rid of.

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    As Feline says get hold of Lee at LB Aquatics, you can get him on Facebook, send him a message, he may point you in the right direction, or better still get him to you asap http://www.lbaquaticconsultants.co.uk/
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