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    Bacterial infection and Potassium permanganate

    Hi everyone i am looking for some advice.
    For a long time my fish have been suffering from a bacterial issue in my 2000 gallon pond and I have had alot of losses on the fish front .Mainly ulcers or mouth/fin rot which in turn lead to dropsey. Two years ago I changed my filtration over to an eric 4 filter which i won in a raffle . For the past two years i have always had an ammonia reading of 0.25 and sometimes higher, the biological matting in the filter just never seems to mature regardless of heavy feeding , reduced feeding , regular water changes , trickle in/out.
    I believe I am suffering from a bacterial infection due to this long term water issue, I have tried super tabs and cloramine T treatments to reduce or kill the bad bacteria , obviously these will knock back the good bacteria in the filter but never the less the filter for how long its been running should be able to recover and mature to deal with the ammonia issue.
    So ive decided to bite the bullet , im going to remove the biological matting and replace with 80 ltrs of K1 media as i feel this is more effective at maturing.

    my question is : will Potassium permanganate kill of Aeromonas bacteria in the pond water prior to me adding the new K1 media in the filter ?

    All other water parameters are stable and good , fish are regularly scrapped and check for parisites , salt is presnt in the pond at 0.03 %

    I feel that i need to just start with a blank canvas again as im not getting the enjoyment out of the pond that i should be.
    Any help would be great . many thanks Scott

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    I found this an interesting read where PP s concerned FAQ Potassium permanganate - Koiknowledge



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