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    Please help - injuries after jumping out

    Hey, our koi jumped or was pulled out of the pond last week. We don't know how long he was out for but there were very few signs of Gill activity when we found him. He was put in the air stream and back in pond and has gradually started to swim again. He has severe damage though. Hoping you may be able to suggest what to do? We're currently treating with AquaPond, General medication. Water quality is good. We checked immediately after the jump and ph7, ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrate 30. Our tap water sits around 30 anyway so there's nothing unusual with the nitrates.

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    Just trying to find out how to add pics/video...

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    Hope these work. It's almost torn cotton wool like skin. His fins are damaged too. Don't know if there's any more we can do but wait and see.
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    He does look a little beaten up but well done for getting him this far.
    I would suggest pre treating for fungus just in case that sets in.
    Give him the best water conditions you can and fingers crossed
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    Your ph is low if its 7,what is your kh?

    Could be start of a ph crash or did you mean 7.5,this will cause a lot of stress.

    I had two jump out 2 weeks ago when i turned all off for a couple of hours for maintenance they landed on gravel and got a few marks but all ok now so he may recover on his own,you need to check your ph and kh again very important.

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    I had a koi jump a few years ago, landed on grass, but must have been there some time.

    Once revived, looked fine, but the side that was on the grass had lost it's slime layer and had a severe bout of saprolegnia fungus after about a week. If you catch it early it's very treatable with malachite green. *IF* you get it, it looks like cotton wool, and may turn green as algae will grow in it.

    Good luck.

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    Koi would rather be in water than out, it jumped for a reason, if your parameters are good I’d be doing a scrape.



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