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Thread: Dead koi

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    Dead koi


    Evening all,

    I hope your all well.

    I went down to my pond to check/chill with the fish and unfortunately found this poor little bugger.

    It was in good health yesterday morning as were all the koi and sturgeon. Any constructive advice would be gratefully apprecited, ive had this koi just over 2 years.



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    This fish was suffering from dropsy which is usually caused by an internal bacterial infection however, whenever I'm asked to diagnose a problem or explain unusual behaviour I invariably give this advice:

    Water parameters are the first thing to check. Bad parameters can cause health problems directly or weaken the immune system so that a fish succumbs to a parasite or pathogen it could otherwise have resisted.

    The minimum parameters you should check are pH, ammonia and nitrite.

    itrate and KH can also give valuable information to help interpret other parameters.

    It's too late to provide corrective action to save this koi. However, in case there is anything that may be about to affect the other fish, if any water parameter is incorrect then it should be brought to an acceptable value as quickly as possible so as not to unnecessarily delay any medical treatment that may subsequently be needed for the others.

    Once suboptimal water has been ruled out as the cause then the correct procedure is to scrape three or four fish in order to identify if any parasites are present and choose the appropriate treatment.

    If you could give those values, along with the pond temperature, and say if you have recently added a pond treatment, it would be helpful to determine whether this death has been caused by incorrect or varying water parameters, or some other cause.

    It would be especially helpful if you could give two sets; as early as you can in the morning and again soon after dark.
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