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    Help With Disease Identification (Photo Attached)

    Hi all.

    My first post, and so sorry if this has been asked a million times....

    I have had my ghost koi delivered from a fish breeding farm here in the uk..
    One was delivered with a problem, its front fin was missing,and he had a furry looking tail fin, he died withing hours.

    Now I have lost four in a month to this furry looking disease.
    Please find attached various photos.

    The company I purchased them from have been very good and have offered to replace the dead ones.
    They have also sent me a water treatment (Kusuri Formalin & Malachite Premix) but I fear this has not cured the problem.

    I also purchased a water test kit and everything is ok there.

    Can anybody identify and suggest a cure please ?

    Many thanks

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    It's a fungus, probably sap, and that's a LOT of fungus. Sadly, it's a bugger to treat, but that is the correct treatment.

    I had a case when a koi jumped and landed on the grass, in the end I had to anaesthetise the fish, trim away the tissue that was affected, treat with Malachite and seal, repeated weekly for a few weeks.

    The fish did recover, but it was not quick, and didn't have that much fungus to start with.

    Aaaaand... I wouldn't touch that breeder again!!

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    Hi Mitsufishi

    Thank you for the reply.
    The photos are of three different fish.
    Do I need to isolate them if it occurs again ?
    Last time I isolated one it died withing the hour.
    I have treated my pond 3 times with that product.
    Once a week that is over three weeks
    It says thats all that is required, Im not so sure.
    None of my goldfish, tench or orfes have the problem, it seems to be isolated to the ghost koi.

    Kind regards

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    I would use MG on it's own- not a formalin mixture. Topically treating the affected fish is even better. Sedate each one, dry the affected area and paint on MG. You should avoid chemicals containing formalin with your orfe.

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    As said, orfe and tench are not lovers of formalin so should be avoided if possible, topically treating with Malachite green direct to the fungus would be the option i would go with. Also as mitsu said, stay away from that dealer, shocking that they would even condider sending a fish out in that condition Help With Disease Identification (Photo Attached)

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    Its always a work in progress

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