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    Sedating Koi, sedating parasites?

    I have a koi that I need to scrape tomorrow that also needs a minor wound treating. If I put Koi sedate in the bowl and then catch it, can I put the koi in the bowl and then scrape when the fish is taking a nap, or does the sedate also affect any potential parasites?

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    Not sure if it will affect the scrape but I would think it would to be on the safe side I would scrape the fish first then add the sedative to the water

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    Hi I'm no expert but I asked the same question recently before taking a scrape and was advised not to sedate the koi as it could affect the findings on the scrape. Probably best to take the scrape first then sedate the fish and treat the other issue. Hopefully someone more experienced will help you shortly.

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    Sedate will drive some parasites off, although you will normally still see enough -- but good practice is always best to scrape before sedating..


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    Ok thanks everyone. Scrape first it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrueBlue32 View Post
    Ok thanks everyone. Scrape first it is.

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    Even better, get everything organised, scrape first, sedate, plenty of time to look at a couple of slides whilst fish is going under, do the topical bit and take another scrape when the fish is out, and then have a peek at this..


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    Good point well made Dave.

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