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    Losing my koi every few days suddenly , started 4 weeks ago please help

    I started my koi pond a year ago no problems doing everything by the book with no loses and all koi seem ok. Started doing 20% water changes 4 weeks as recommended to and suddenly losing my koi absolutely gutted as iv lost some great koi in size and colouring . And I canít seem to work out the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Assuming you're dechlorinating the top up water, water parameters are the first thing to check because bad parameters can cause health problems directly or weaken the immune system so that a fish succumbs to a parasite or pathogen it could otherwise have resisted. The minimum parameters you should check are pH, ammonia and nitrite.

    Nitrate and KH can also give valuable information to help interpret other parameters and oxygen should be checked if there is any sign of fish gasping at the surface or crowding around waterfalls etc.

    Once suboptimal water has been ruled out as the cause then the correct procedure is to scrape in order to identify if any parasites are present and choose the appropriate treatment. This is the best approach for the health of the fish rather than the hit and miss approach of trying a selection different cures.

    If you could give those values, along with the pond temperature, and say if youíve recently added a pond treatment or medication, it would be helpful to determine whether the problem has been caused by incorrect or varying water parameters, or some other cause.

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