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    Can anyone identify this disease/infection and best treatment.

    I hope someone can help me, I have come back from uni and noticed a couple of the fish in my mums pond did not look right, they are eating and swimming fine but have have clear physical diseases/infections of some sort.
    The pond is around 4,750 gallons and is running a PondXpert SpinClean 20000 filter with UV.
    I have caught the two fish out that appear to have these issues for photos, in hope that you can identify what is wrong and what treatment is best for the fish and to treat the entire pond. All the other fish appear in very good health.

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    Hi mate,

    Never seen anything like it on the red one, my first thought was whether they could be breeding tubercles that have grown excessively.

    Then I saw the 2nd fish which looks like a Shubunkin in the picture, and if those white spots are confined to the area shown in the photo they are definitely breeding tubercles.

    If the white spots on the Shubunkin are elsewhere on the body they could be a parasite, its hard to say from the small area in the photo.

    If I had to guess just from what I can see in the pics, I would say you have 2 extremely horny males there!

    Here's a photo of 2 of my males showing similar breeding tubercles which actually extend onto the body on one of them and you can also see how they are building up on top of each other on the leading ray of the pectoral fins, of course nowhere near as heavy as your red fish but this is what gives me reason to believe you might be seeing the same thing:




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