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    Experience with Lernex and other Fluke powder Treatment?

    Hi guys, just wanted to get some views on using Lernex or other powder treatment for flukes. I added Lernex to the pond yesterday and followed the instruction. It says add to bucket or watering can, mix and pour over the pond surface.

    I added part of the dose to a bucket of pond water and mixed thoroughly but I couldn't get rid of the white residue build up floating on top no matter how hard I mixed! So then I decided to mix the remaining doses in small amount in a 2ltr bottle with warm water and shook the hell out of it but still foaming and layer of white powder floating on the surface and side!! The water did turn somewhat milky.

    This made me think that I wasnt doing it right or its not mixing properly? It seems to have turned the pond water very slightly milky but still residue of white powder stuck to the sides of the pond. Water temp is 14c and noticed they are flashing a bit more than usual today, 24 hrs after treatment...so a good sign?? Lernex is not cheap so I dont want to think that half have been wasted around the sides of the pond!!

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    yeah some fluke treatment powders are a right pain to dissolve, its recomended to disolve them in a small amount of acetone, i cant remember the exact amounts but mixing with acetone is the way to go.
    I had some of Duncans FX-1 and that said to mix with acetone to dissolve.

    If I couldn't dissolve a powder id bypass the drum filter for a while to make sure it remains in the system.

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    Hi familyman, yes, I have read online about mixing with acetone. But I was a bit apprehensive chucking acetone un there cause of half a dozen 3"-4" plus I didnt have any at the time. But I will look into it.

    I had to fix a couple of tiny leaks in the pipework, so I shut down the pump/filter, added lernex with air stone running and left it for around 3 hours...in the hope that I didn't 'lose' some in the filter as I have one chamber full of alfagrog and another with jap mats.

    It seems to have had an effect so far as they appear more active this evening and feeding a bit better.

    I will hit it again in 7 days(maybe 5?!), although instructions says 14 days for second dose? What do you think?
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    it depends what temperature your water is i think with some treatments, the 2nd dose will be to try and catch eggs that have hatched since the 1st treatment ran out, but the hatching time varies according to water temperature.
    iirc in warm water, say at 24 c they can hatch in 3-4 days but with cool water it can take much longer.

    Hopefully some body else will post that knows more accurately the hatching times for specific water temperatures, or you might be able to research it a bit and find out.

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    Yes, good point. I will research into it.
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    Thought it would be good to share this reply from Colombo in Netherlands. As per my initial post above, I dropped them an email so as to figure out the best way forward with lernex. And here is the reply from, I believe is from 'DR Van Heeswijk';

    "Yes, the active ingredients dissolve badly in water, only in very low concentrations. So many times, such a white layer is seen but this disappears within a couple of hours. Within this period the Lernex dissolves completely and this doesn’t effect the working of the Lernex."

    So rather positive me think
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