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    Possible lest ID please

    This afternoon I have done some scrapes of a couple of fish that I have in QT Fortunately I have not seen anything moving on any of the scrapes WIN_20171229_11_29_58_Pro.jpgWIN_20171229_11_25_34_Pro.jpg apart from one that I made video off but cannot upload it would someone please mind having a look t the pictures and give opinions of what the dots are in the pictures?

    Many thanks Craig.WIN_20171229_11_29_33_Pro.jpg

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    Does not like there are any parasites on that scrape bearing in mind no movement but depending on the magnification and focus all sorts of objects can appear. Any other problems with your fish such as ulcers or flicking ?

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    Thank you. Very new to scraping koi and the use of a microscope so not 100% sure what to look out for, although I have looked on line to try and identify various pests. But no there were no other signs . these scrapes were taken from fish that I have growing on in an indoor pond.

    Thanks again Craig.

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    It's possible that the small things are costia- but we would need to know the magnification and see the movement to say if they are or not. As a general rule ignore anything that is not moving on the scrapes.

    Add a couple of drops of pond water to your mucus sample on the slide before putting on the cover slip, then look at it immediately. Focus on the fast streams of water moving around blobs of mucus- this is where you would find costia at x200 or above. You might need to open up the light diaphragm to let more light through at the higher magnifications to see properly (there is a little sliding lever for this under the stage on decent scopes).

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    Hi Feline. Thanks for the reply. I was using an apex practitioner with the minigrab. I went through the first 2 lenses starting right at the bottom and slowly working to the top of the moving bed (Sorry i am completely new to microscopes so am not sure of the parts on a microscope) I did also add a couple of drops of water to the sample and covered the whole of the slide.
    I will have another go this weekend to see if I can see anything else and take a video of it.

    Thanks again Craig.



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