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    FMG and wafer changes

    Cut a long story short but I had an outbreak of costia/trichodina so I have dosed the pond with FMG on Sunday. Now, I have to do a water change as my parameters went stupid , I have rectified the cause of this but , will changing the water make the medication weaker or has it done it's job after a couple of days?

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    i dont change any water when treating with fmg, although unseen I think formalin lingers in the water for a quite a long period, temperature dependant.
    Using fmg does nothing to my filters and I'm whacking loads of food in.


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    fmg wont touch the tric

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    After a couple of days its not doing much in there anyway, so your water change wont do any harm. MG and most of the dye type treatments are not UV stable and will be inactivated by daylight after around 24 hours anyway.

    The reason for the repeated treatments is to catch the next hatch of the parasites, not to keep the pond chemical levels up at a constant level.

    Duncan Griffiths always recommends doing a water change before the subsequent treatments, so I always do. Helps freshen things up a bit.



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