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Thread: Cheap Acers

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    Cheap Acers

    Often see posts asking about Acers and where to get them etc.

    That intrigued me and after looking them up I decided I wanted one but noticed they can be pricey.

    Anyway, popped into Asda yesterday and noticed they are selling various colours, between 60cm and 80cm for just 8

    This is apparently across many of the bigger stores.

    Picked one up which looks like this one:


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    Nice one bud Cheap Acers i have a red acer (bloodgood palmatum) that i picked up for a similar price, think it was 5 from wilcos about 15+ yr ago. It was a twiglet at the time lol but Its still going strong today, its a bit bonsai though as its been kept in a smallish pot most of its life until a few years ago. Also had a bad die back/canker on its main leader (centre upwards) branch so had to cut it out years ago and this stunted it also. Other than that its been a cracking acer Cheap Acers

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    Good spot RS2000 everyone loves a acer. I think i'll have to pop into ASDA and grab a couple.

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    Nice Acer RS,
    Good price as well,i have quite a few in the garden and to me the colours are stunning,dont forget to feed it well as they love it [ not koi food ] but any plant feed.

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    I have an acer that i grew from seed collected on my honeymoon 23 years ago.

    Grown in a pot it gets trimmed during summer and watered when its really dry, other than that, never fed it a thing - its beautiful.

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    I used ti dabble in bonsai creation and an acer I got as a mere twig for 2 eventually I planted out in the garden because I got fed up of needing to water its tiny pot several times a day. Around 20 years later Its over 30 foot high

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