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    Advice please. Quick and cheap temporary tidy up around pond


    Our pond is basically a big concrete bowl in the ground with an external box filter. It's not the best set up I admit but the concrete bowl was there when we bought the house, so I've tidied it up, sealed it and made the best of it I can. Obviously I would prefer to have dug it up and build an all singing all dancing koi pond in but time and funds won't allow for that just yet.

    I'm looking for some inspiration as how best to tidy up it's surroundings without spending a fortune as it is likely to be ripped out in a few years to build a proper pond.

    This is how it was.

    and this is how it is now.

    This is what I was thinking of doing to make it look more presentable.

    I was only going to deck around the the back half of the pond due to a narrow gap between the pond and a hedge as can be seen in the picture below. The deck would also cover the pointy end to hide the pump and skimmer. It would also make it more difficult for the neighbours evil cats to get at the fish.

    Which is why I was just going to put some kind of edging around the front which would also stop grass growing over the edge and stop dirt falling in. The trouble is it's on a bit of a slope, the top edge of the pond isn't flat or in the slightest bit straight.

    So thanks for looking and I'm open to suggestions.

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    looks like you have done the dirty work already, what about having some rocks around the edge you could form a cheap waterfall with some rocks and pebbles and an off cut of pond liner,

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    Been a long time since I started this thread.
    I finally found some time to start tidying up the pond again. Spurred on by one of my neighbours removing tgeir decking. Meaning I had a load of free timber to work with.

    At the same time another friend bought a new house which had a lovely 108 shed in the garden they wanted rid of. So I had that too. The filters and electrics will be going in the shed.

    Here are some pics of progress from the last couple of weeks.

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    Looks good any updates?

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