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    Cant load extreme koi home page

    hi all
    I know the forum works on other devices but if I click on my bookmark or search on google then select extreme koi on my pc a page comes up saying sorry you have reached this page because ip address has changed or server misconfiguration.
    it suggest checking dns settings but no change.
    Anyone else had this problem or know what could causing it ?



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    what address are you trying to get to? and how long ago did you save the address, think there has been a few modifications in the last 12 months and if your aiming for the old address that was close but not the same, that might be the issue as http://www.koiforum.uk/ works fine here
    the slow pond build thread

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    Hi I thought I had replied but admin must have not approved it.Your link also doesnt work for me.I can google extreme koi and open parts of the main page but not full forum page with all categories.

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    When I click your link I see the error page- because there is no page at that address.
    The forum address is Extreme Koi Forum - The Best Online Koi Carp Forum
    I suspect you have a problem with your browser?

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    thanks everyone it finally works.even the last link you put up Feline didn't work until i deleted history and cache.



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