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    Feeding in winter

    Hi, I have an unheated 2000 gal pond and I was told years ago to stop feeding completely when the water temperature drops below 10 C.

    I have wheatgerm pellets but have not been feeding since early Dec. Looking on here I can see so of you still feeding at temperatures down to say 5 C, what is the truth ?

    I have then covered with polycarb and the water is 6 C can someone please advise.

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    my feeling is that wild carp will still feed at low temperatures, albeit with much less gusto, so why wouldn't ours want to eat.
    I also feel happier knowing their consuming something and their digestive systems are working, for me no food automatically means weaker, and koi in cold water are weak enough.
    Im of the opinion that if they will take it, then give it to them, just be aware of water temps, their reduced appetites and stick to wheatgerm.

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    Even when water temps were a tad under 4C my smaller Koi were looking for food but I resisted. Bigger Koi were huddled on the bottom.

    Done a partial water change on Sunday which brought temp up to 6C and it was still holding 6C this morning so seeing as they've not eaten for over a fortnight I put some Hikari All Season pellets in and they were gone a few minutes later.

    I'll probably give one small feeding every day now when water temp is 6C or above, but if air temps are forecast to go back towards freezing I'll stop feeding a day or 2 in advance.

    Worth keeping an eye on water parameters if you're thinking of feeding daily due to the extra ammonia production.

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    Thanks for your impute, I will start giving then some wheatgerm pellets



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